Make waves move water

On 7 September, a high level event is organised at the middle of the iconic Afsluitdijk. A few hundred people will gather to present, discuss and showcase (Dutch) delta innovations. 'Making Waves' promises to be exciting and inspiring. Many CEOs, and politicians will attend. Mr. Kofi Annan (former Secretary-General of the United Nations) will give a key-note speech and you can be a part of this day!

Sneak peak and poke at the most promising Delta Innovations

Are you a student interested in the latest delta innovations? Throughout the year several preliminary rounds were organised for innovators to pitch their ideas, concepts and more in the following themes: Water, Food, Health, Energy, Transport, Environment, Raw Materials, Innovative Society and Security. At the Making Waves-event the 15 best ideas will get a chance to pitch for a professional audience and gain support for next steps. The best performances proceed to a European-level event.

Your opportunity

Via Delta Talent, 5 students get the opportunity to join the event (without paying entrance fee). If you get selected, you will be tasked to reflect on the presented ideas. Based on your interests, you will be assigned one or two of the ideas that are pitched. We will provide you with some training on how to critically review these ideas. While at the event, feel free to directly contact 'your' innovator. You will then be asked to write a reflection/feedback for the innovator that (s)he will read after the event and has the possibility to respond to. We will collect and bundle all reviews and feedback, and send it to the organisers, the innovators and you of course, so everyone can learn from it.

The aim is to make fresh connections: give students and innovators the opportunity to engage in mutual communication in a way that would otherwise not be possible. Everyone can benefit and learn from this exchange and you get access to an event, and its participants, that is otherwise difficult to join as a student.

How to apply?

We only have five spots available, so we will have to be strict. Send us your motivation letter of half a page (A4, in English) explaining why you would like to seize this opportunity. Don’t forget to mention your study background and theme(s) you are most interested in. Please apply before July 15. We will inform you soon thereafter whether you have been selected, and provide details (how to look and listen critically and which innovations you are assigned to) by the end of August. To apply fill out the form by clicking the link 'Inschrijven: Schrijf je in voor Make waves move water' (upper left) and attach your motivation letter.